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Short Sale What is a short sale and short sale FAQs
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These FAQs on the short sale process deal with how a short sale works and the steps a homeowner must go through to complete a short sale. If you need to understand the basics and the simple definition of a short sale before reading about more complex issues please start with the article on what is a short sale. To fully understand the short sale process we strongly suggest you read part I of this series about mortgage deficiency and short sale if you have not already.
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Link to the definition of a short sale. Learn what a short sale is and how a short sale helps a homeowner to avoid a foreclosure. Proceed to FAQs on understanding mortgage deficiency and the short sale process. See other options to stop foreclosure and short sale negotiation professionals. Link to understanding mortgage deficiency. To fully understand short sale one must first grasp mortgage deficiency. This FAQ answers homeowner's questions about mortgage deficiency in a foreclosure situation and continues to an FAQ on the short sale process and finding short sale help. Link to the sort sale process. Short sale FAQ with information on the short sale process to stop foreclosure from the concept of a short sale to finding a realtor, negotiating with the bank and leaving after the short sale closing. See if short sale fits to avoid your foreclosure.

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