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Short Sale What is a short sale and short sale FAQs
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Short sale of homes provides a way for property to sell even when the value of a house dropped below debt from its outstanding mortgages. Read the information in our three part online help site for an instant short sale education. Good luck with your Short Sale!

Short sale provides a great option for both the homeowner and bank when the debtors no longer wish to keep the house or retaining the property becomes a financial impossibility.

We present for you here just about everything you might want to learn about a short sale from understanding what a short sale is to grasping the details the short sale process and how a potential mortgage deficiency plays into the short sale picture. For those with no idea about a short sale who want need to start with a sentence: A short sale on a home occurs when the owner sells their property to a third party for less than the mortgage due.

To put this short sale page in context, we would hope that before looking into a short sale you explored many ways to prevent foreclosure and come here well educated in terms of how to stop foreclosure. As for information on the short sale option specifically, we intended for readers to start with the definition of a short sale than proceed to understand what is a mortgage deficiency and how that becomes an integral part of a short sale. Finally with that background information you finish with the FAQ on the short sale process. Those coming from a failed short sale can proceed to the deed in lieu of foreclosure FAQ or look at questions on bankruptcy. Enjoy our short sale website and good luck!

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Link to the definition of a short sale. Learn what a short sale is and how a short sale helps a homeowner to avoid a foreclosure. Proceed to FAQs on understanding mortgage deficiency and the short sale process. See other options to stop foreclosure and short sale negotiation professionals. Link to understanding mortgage deficiency. To fully understand short sale one must first grasp mortgage deficiency. This FAQ answers homeowner's questions about mortgage deficiency in a foreclosure situation and continues to an FAQ on the short sale process and finding short sale help. Link to the sort sale process. Short sale FAQ with information on the short sale process to stop foreclosure from the concept of a short sale to finding a realtor, negotiating with the bank and leaving after the short sale closing. See if short sale fits to avoid your foreclosure.

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